Community Stories

Hear it directly from people like you. Our communities may be different but all share the same desire for more real control

Frank Lazzeri

Boardman School District

“DRUND has been a godsend for the Boardman Schools and for me personally as superintendent. Our teachers do so many good things for students in the classroom that often go unnoticed. DRUND gives us the tool for sharing with parents, students and fellow teachers our ideas, teaching methods and classroom successes. It is a way to applaud the achievements of both students and teachers and to show the public that good things are happening in our schools. As superintendent of a district with seven buildings, over 300 teachers and 4500 students, I find that DRUND gives me an opportunity to take a tour of the entire district each day and literally visit hundreds of students and teachers. I am proud of our staff for embracing DRUND and know that we as a school district are now doing a better job of communicating with the public because of this tool of the 21st century.”

Ron Strollo

Director of Intercollegiate Athletics
Youngstown State University

“For Youngstown State Athletics we saw the benefits of Drund during the fall when our football program became involved. Now we are working towards getting our entire department on board with what this tool can offer. It’s a great platform to share ideas with one another while keeping our growing number of student-athletes and staff informed in an easy and direct manner. We have only scratched the surface on what Drund can do and we are looking forward to being a part of it as it continues to grow.”

Heather O’Donnell

Midwest Regional Educational Service Center

“The Drund system has been extremely helpful in keeping our staff, who is spread over 3 counties, tied together as one organization. We are able to see what is going on in classrooms and with our therapists as they move from district to district. I am able to send notices to all staff easily and efficiently. Our directors share regular updates which again helps with internal communication. We feel more like a community, even though we are spread over multiple districts and I believe Drund has been a big part of that!”

Lisa Ackerman

Executive Director

"Drund helps our non-profit raise more money by powering our TACA+ program and keeps our staff connected and informed of the latest updates."

Vincent Colaluca

Austintown Local Schools

"The addition to Drund in our school district has been overwhelmingly positive, the key features being the communication that it offers and the safety it provides when communicating. We are proud to be the first district to implement Drund and we continue in our second year of usage to modify and improve the way we use Drund. As the largest district in the area we serve over 5300 students and to consistently receive updates on student progress in the classroom gives us a view that we could not easily communicate to parents in the past. Now parents are able to access newsletters, pictures from the classroom and field trips. Permission slips, and any other information that is required for school, all in one place! This safe and secure option gives us complete control of the community so not only can we monitor posts and remove ones that are inappropriate, we can add and remove users, create users that are observers only, and this provides a district-sponsored safe way to communicate with parents and students without needing to use phone numbers and is archived for access later. We are so excited about our personalized app "Falcon Nation" that it is completely embedded in our five year strategic plan '2020 Falcon Focus'. We are fortunate to have this opportunity and Drund will change the way we communicate in the Austintown Local School District in the most positive ways! Thank you to everyone at Drund for providing this unique opportunity."

Joseph Nohra Jr.

Struthers Local Schools

"DRUND is the communication and 'get the word out' system for our district. We could not be happier with the security and the reliability of DRUND. We are looking forward to a very long relationship with the DRUND organization."

Stan Watson

Liberty Local Schools

"Our district rolled out 'Drund' in the fall of 2015. The support staff was very instrumental in making the transition very fluid. The staff and students immediately took to this social media outlet in a positive way and it has turned into a most valuable communication tool to the Liberty families. Parents are more aware of homework assignments and upcoming projects and events through the site. It has also been a safe tool to teach our younger students about social media. We are excited to get on the ground floor on such a wonderful company and look forward to 'Drund' staying with the Liberty School System for many years to come.

Mariel Sallee

Board Member/Coach
Penn Ohio Athletic Club

Last year (2014) during the Spring I used Drund to communicate privately for my AAU basketball team. This was an opportunity to see if I could not only engage my players and parents with ongoing, relevant information that pertained to my team. I was able to utilize Broadcasts to push important practice and tournament information to my players and parents, I utilized documents (community and private) to store my playbook, basketball articles that I wanted my players to read and reply to, store the practice calendar, store practice schedules, store updated stats on the season, and to store pictures of our players. I also posted short YouTube video clips that I wanted my players to view and reply to, we were able to document our entire season and increased communication among our players drastically. Our assistant coach commented that this is the closest our players have been and the best connection we have had with the players in our 3 years coaching.

We had such great success with our individual team last year that we are extending it to our entire AAU Basketball Club this year. With the added measure of private groups and branded apps specific to the organization we expect our engagement in the entire community to soar. With the addition of the entire club this is the perfect opportunity to use Drund to fund-raise for the players/families in our club. We are going to offer sponsorships, where a player can have a relative or friend of the family sponsor them and become an observer in our community to keep track of how they are doing in the AAU season. Additionally, we will have corporate sponsors that will provide coupons for anyone in our community to use for approximately a year. We plan to have over 50 corporate sponsors offering discounts exclusive to the member of our club. We are very excited about our partnership with Drund and what it will provide our AAU club this year and in the future! Thanks to the Drund family for creating this opportunity.

Renee English

Supervisor of Community Engagement
Mahoning County Education Service

"Community engagement is crucial for a successful school district. DRUND provides schools with an familiar and safe communication tool to push the information directly to parents, students, and staff. DRUND has increased community support and buy-in for school districts."

Kelli Tharp

Director of Community Services
Greenville Texas Independent School District

"As we navigate the new financial landscape of public education and seek to utilize engaging modes of communication, Drund serves as a strategic tool and resource for Greenville ISD. We have successfully forged stronger relationships with both internal and external stakeholders while simultaneously offering targeted advertising opportunities to local businesses."

Shawn McElroy

Director of Organizational Development
Midwest Regional Educational Service Center

"As an educational services agency serving 18 school districts across 1500 square miles, we are always looking for better ways to communicate with our employees and stakeholders. Drund provides us with an efficient and user friendly platform to share success stories, policy updates, operational alerts, and other critical messages in real-time across classrooms, departments, and homes in three counties. Families with children in our classrooms are using the system to remain informed about activities that occur daily throughout our member districts. Perhaps most importantly, it has helped our staff gain a deeper understanding of our service portfolio and the role each of them plays in helping member districts and their families succeed."

Trevor Parks

Athletics Sports Information Director
Youngstown State University

"This is an inventive way for an on-the-go department to share thoughts, ideas and information. With limited staffing, the importance that Drund will play is critical for us to make sure our in-house communications are strong. This will be a key part of our department and it’s been exciting to learn what it can do."

Nicole Kramer

High School Math Teacher
Austintown School District

"Drund is a great tool for teachers because it is quick, easy and safe to communicate with students and parents."

Cyndi Smith

Jackson Milton Local Schools

"Drund helps pull the community together and is an excellent tool for parents, teachers, and students to communicate for lessons and daily activities. . I enjoy seeing pictures of my children’s classroom activities and other things going on in the school district."

Trent Wisser

English Teacher
East Palestine School District

"Drund has revolutionized the communications processes within and from my classroom! Within my classroom the students use Drund as our exclusive communication tool. For the first time, my student’s parents feel connected to our classroom through our weekly broadcasts and daily updates. Simply, Drund is an extension of m classroom experience."

Juanita S


"I am so glad to be able to see what is going on daily and know it is really just my family sharing with each other. I really love keeping in touch in a more private way"