Our Story

Drund started in 2010 with the idea that we could try to simplify the changing technology environment with a virtual platform that would combine any kind of third party solutions into one “cloud” based interface. The problem with our initial concept was that the technology landscape was evolving so fast that we were barely able to keep up the pace of all the changes ourselves.

The main challenge was that it was not just one thing that was changing but a blend of hardware (smartphones), software, saas, server technologies, proprietary app ecosystems, consumer adoption, changing consumer expectations, and the rise of platforms (FB, Twitter, etc.). We realized that we would most likely fail as a company in this chaotic environment unless we took a more methodical long term approach. We decided to choose public schools because they have major organizational and cultural challenges but still have positive brand affinity affiliated with extracurricular sports, clubs and organizations.

Over the last 5 years we learned that it was not just about what a technology platform could do, It was also important to provide the ongoing strategy and implementation support to offset the constantly changing technology environment. We also learned that in order to handle the constant changes in technology and their impacts on our customer we had to become an ongoing technology partner not just another vendor.