Our Story

Drund set up shop in 2010 with the goal of simplifying the evolving technology environment. We aimed to employ an innovative virtual platform to combine solutions from various third party vendors into a unified cloud-based interface. When the rubber met the road, we faced challenges with our initial concept due to the rapidly changing nature of the technology industry.

Technology changes all the time and in various ways. We encountered challenges due to simultaneous and continuous changes in hardware, software, saas, server technologies, and proprietary app platforms like Facebook and Twitter. To avoid failing as a company in such a chaotic environment, we realized a change needed to be made. We resolved that a more methodical, long-term approach was necessary in order to stay afloat.

We knew that our goal was more than simply succeeding as a company; we wanted to lift others up in the process. With that goal in mind, we landed on public schools as our target partners. They face real and ongoing organizational, monetary, and cultural challenges, but they also have the advantage of pre-established brand affinity affiliated with extracurricular sports, clubs and organizations. We saw these two qualities as being ideal for building ongoing, mutually beneficial relationships.

The last 7 years have taught us that the raw capabilities of any given technology platform aren’t as important as we’d originally thought. We learned that our main goal must be to build relationships and establish reliable, ongoing strategy and implementation support to our partners to avoid becoming just another vendor in an already-crowded space. The lawless frontier of the technology industry gave us perspective into the challenges that our partners face without our help and forced us to reconsider our own values and identity as a company to make us what we are today.

Let’s build something together.