Drund K-12 School Grants

We award annual grants to districts that implement and use Drund as their primary community engagement platform

Our Grant Process

  1. Implement Drund in your District
  2. Provide an example of how your district uses Drund
  3. Fill out the online application

Providing an Example

Share a testimonial or a post from your District and a narrative explaining how Drund was helpful in helping with your community engagement practice.

How We Fund Our Grants

We have regional media partnerships that help us raise funds in your county or region. We raise funds by partnering with regional and national organizations that want to help create positive change in schools by providing them with technology and equipment that they need. Our Partners in Education program works with your regional Drund Partner to sponsor your district wide broadcasts. We then allocate equal annual allocations to all of the Drund powered districts within your region in technology grants (in kind donations of equipment that you request). Basically the more districts that use Drund within a region the more we are able to provide, so please refer other districts to your regional Drund partner.

When Do We receive Our Grant?

We will announce the total grant allocation for your region and deliver your equipment to your district April 15th of each year.

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