Drund Grant Opportunities

We award grants to offset the costs related to implementation of Drund in K-12 districts to qualifying organizations.

Our Grant Process

  1. Fill out the online application
  2. Schedule for a collaboration and planning session
  3. Develop the grant proposal and implementation plan
  4. Grant proposal and plan review
  5. Grant project management

Developing A Project Plan

  • Assess the total size of your geographic reach
  • Assess your organization’s human resource capacities
  • Identify an optimum timeline based on project demands and capacity.
  • Define key personnel and responsibilities/measurements
  • Finalize grant amount and project plan

Grant Project Management

We will provide the relevant guidelines, templates, training and implementation kits for applicants to use when developing the proposal and budget. In partnership with the grant organization, a Drund representative will have the approved plan for ongoing management of the grant or contract. The organization is responsible for tracking the work done in the field, and keeping us informed through submission of periodic reports or submitting specific deliverables. The Drund rep is responsible for monitoring the performance of the project by reviewing progress reports or other submitted materials and site visits. At the end of the project, the grantee will submit a final report, summarizing the results achieved and information they think will be helpful to make the project better.

Funding Our Grants

Once the development plan and timeline is approved we supply your organization the training, project plan and tools necessary to complete the project. We then monitor your progress and once the final report is submitted and reviewed we will then issue your grant allocation.

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