Is there a contract or minimum time period?

There is no contract; you can cancel at any time for any reason. Your subscription start once both of your apps (Android and Apple) have been approved and live in the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

Do our members need to pay to download our branded apps?

No, your app is free to download however if your community has chosen to create a pay wall to access your community they will have to pay whatever subscription fees you have set up to access your community.

How can I upgrade from a Personal Community to a Branded, Branded +, or Enterprise level Community?

You can upgrade at anytime, all you have to do is contact us at levelup@drund.com and one of our community experts will contact you directly.

Who owns the data from our community?

You do, we do not own your data and you can feel free to review our terms of service at any time

Why does Drund donate 50% of the one-time community setup charge to those specific charities?

We believe in the positive power that communities of all kinds have on our society. Simply put we want to help contribute to causes that help our children, those in need and families. By powering a controlled and or private community with Drund you are helping to contribute to those great causes.

Why Is Real Control So Important?

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How Much Money Is My Information Worth?

Time Magazine | This is how much money Twitter owes you

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Why should families consider owning their own community when Facebook is already free and most people are already on it?

Most people are aware now that public forums can be beneficial but also have some drawbacks. Owning your own social network means you have true control of who has access to your communities information and you control the terms of service for your community.

Our communities can comfortably share things like: Important medical updates that include pictures, videos about children and elderly family members, sharing updates about where you are or when your family members arrive at locations (not after they get back from vacation). Public forums are very beneficial about sharing information to anyone however they are not without their potential drawbacks.

Why is posting in a community more effective than texting everyone?

Posting information in a community feed notifies your followers (by email & mobile push notifications) for you. You do not need to know everyone’s phone number (people change phones and sometimes numbers) and you do not need to start a group messaging chain. A post is typically only about that specific post (update, stories, links, photos and videos) while a group text can be an ongoing discussion. With a Drund powered community you can schedule any of your posts for a specific time and date and choose what goes to Facebook, Twitter and what stays in your personal community (from one post). You cannot do that with a text message.

Why not just use email?

Email works like a virtual version of your home mailbox. That means you get junk mail, bills, advertising, and messages from anyone who has your address. Email is not a very engaging place to share things because there is a lack of control on who can send things to you. The amount of random information and the effort needed to stay up to date is difficult; not to mention that searching for things is tedious and not very accurate.

What is a hashtag and what do they do?

Hashtags on public forums (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) are primarily used to categorize information that people, advertisers, and organizations share. Public forums use that to count (total number) what is currently “trending” or basically what is popular over the entire public forum at the moment.

How is using a hashtag in a Drund powered community different than using one on Twitter, Facebook or other public forums?

Public forums are made up of millions of different people, organizations and groups. Any time hashtags are used they are counted as a singular vote across their entire system. The meaning of your update may or may not be shared by millions of different people, groups, advertisers, and organizations. EX: I love birdies #birdies, (is that in reference to golf or bird watching?)

Drund’s automatic hashtag categorization works because of the focus of your community (only your members can contribute toward hashtags, not random people, advertisers and merchandisers). Drund communities have simple tools to approve hashtags or just quickly ban specific hashtags.

What is the best way to use hashtags in our community so it is actually useful?

Any time anyone in your community wants to share information they can use a hashtag (# symbol) plus word or phrase to have it automatically categorized. EX: #christmas2010 After that anytime anyone who needs to find something or remember who shared anything, all they have to do is search the hashtag. The results will be organized by who, what, when and where so you can easily find documents, links, photos, and basic information. Imagine simply using a hashtag search to find information that is shared in your community.